Are you the Great Wall of China or the Great Pyramids?

Answer These Seven Questions And We'll Tell You Which Famous Historical Piece Of Architecture You Are

  1. You got: Great Wall of China
    You are strong and reliable. Your friends know they can count on you and come to you for comfort and advice. You're also very down to earth.
  2. You got: Great Pyramid of Giza
    You're truly one of a kind. You're very independent and don't mind traveling by yourself. You don't worry what others think of you and aren't afraid to be yourself.
  3. You got: Colosseum
    You are larger than life and you wear your emotions on your sleeve. You don't do anything by halves. When you put your mind to something, you are able to achieve it.
  4. You got: Machu Picchu
    Some people may see you as aloof but if they take the time to get to know you, they learn that you have a very kind heart and that you're extremely honest. You're content with just a few close friends.
  5. You got: Stone Henge
    You're quiet and somewhat mysterious. You like to keep to yourself but when you do let people in, you are loyal for life. You're also very caring.
  6. You got: The Parthenon
    You're very wise. Your friends come to you for answers and you never let them down. You can be very philosophical and like to think about the meaning of life.