*Water, which gives you incurable diseases, is included*

Give Us Your Preferences And We'll Tell You If You'd Survive On An Abandoned Island

  1. You got: You survived
    Congratulations! You survived the abandoned island. The aftermath: You went to the hospital to get your wounds healed and got home safely. Reporters decided to interview you about what happened and the article got published worldwide.
  2. You got: You didn't survive
    Unfortunately, your new found "friend" wasn't so friendly after all. Aftermath: When the pilot of the helicopter asked why he killed you, he said you were also infected by the disease, it's better to be safe than sorry. Anyways, he got home safe, in case you wanna know.
  3. You got: You survived, but wait...
    You thought your new friend died and you survived. Aftermath: You got to the hospital and got confined because your wounds were quite severe. Relaxing on your bed, you decided to watch the news. Your heart dropped as you read the headline "Another survivor?" It was your new "friend". He said with a smile "I sure want to meet up with my fellow survivor and friend. As soon as possible."
  4. You got: You survived but umm..
    You and your new friend both survived. Aftermath: You told everyone what happened and they didn't believe you, they even thought you two were crazy and delusional. You two were sent to a mental institution on an abandoned island.